Wedding photography is sum-thing that i cant explain using any language.. I have seen the story over and over again. But not for a single day, I was bored and lost for newer ideas. Because every time I grab my gears in a wedding ceremony full of lights and colors, it feels like I’m just in the right place, in the right time, to capture the right moment for the couple to be for the rest of their lives! What can be more magical to capture the moment as two people bond together in holy matrimony as long as they shall live? This unearthly feeling makes it all easy for me as I set up my gadgets to shoot the big day…

My style of wedding photography?

My wedding photography style is very contemporary. I am a Documentary photographer and a Visual Story-teller. I tell stories of people through my photographs. I bring in ideas from photojournalism, documentary photography and portraiture, into the stories that I tell at weddings. I follow an embedded journalistic approach to the weddings that I document. That’s why my wedding photography style is often called as Embedded Documentary Wedding Photography or Candid wedding Photography .

I meet the couple well in advance before their wedding day. I get to know them, and preferably get to know their immediate family members and close friends too. This allows me to break the ice that exists between the photographer, camera, and the people being photographed. It ensures that I get to capture the intimacy and candid moments at every wedding with an insider perspective.


  • As creative professionals and as freelance content creators, We retain the copyrights of the images that we create, for the purpose of fair-use.
  • As a client, you have the license to make personal, non-commercial uses of your photos – like making prints/upload/share online with friends & family and so on – practically anything, as long as it doesn’t generate any income for yourself or the people you share them with.

My Partner in crime PANKAJ KARAPURKAR.

“Together we create Pictures that live forever “